How to Make Pinecone Ornaments Using Pistachio Shells

It is morning time and as usual my husband and I are putting up our Christmas tree in our lounge area. It’s just great. We work together on our small-sized Christmas tree, which makes it even cuter and better-looking. Of course, later on, we have a snack as we continue looking at our Christmas tree.

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Out of the blue, my brain lit up and it was a bulb that turned on when we ate those pistachios. I then exclaimed,” this is it guys!! I’ll be making this as one of this year’s Christmas ornament” so…we had a huge amount of pistachios that’s why I sat in my table and instantly prepared a camera for a much easier do it yourself Definitely, it will make you happy for you did it without spending much and cheaply too. For this purpose, I will show you how to craft a pistachio-shell pinecone decoration.

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This DIY requires only pistachio shells and glue gun as well as acrylic paint. Whether you decide to do or not put decorations on is your choice and, of course, it will make the ornament look more beautiful. However, if you can afford and you have stuff to decorate then it is okay. Therefore, here we go, let’s make shells in the form of a pinecone for decorations. 

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What crafts can you do with pistachio shells?

Pistachio shells can be used to make a number of items. There are plenty of things you can do with it for example holiday ornaments design cards make home decorations jewelry, wall art and many more. Just check the internet, maybe something on Pinterest or Instagram will give you an idea. In many cases, people post their projects and at some point, you will discover ideas for your pistachio shells. Just have faith in yourself, and you’ll achieve it.

How can you repurpose pistachio shells?

Instead of throwing those pistachio shells away once you have enjoyed your nuts, why not think about some friendly and creative ways to reuse them? If you love crafts, gardening, home decor or other stuff, you can find lots of ideas of what to do with pistachio shells. These ideas have no boundaries but imagination limits their possibilities.

Some clever ideas to repurpose pistachio shells such as using them as natural filler, incorporating them into home decor, trying out DIY crafts to create decorative items, using them as garden mulch, adding them to compost, making jewelry and accessories and much more. So, don't just throw away those pistachio shells – explore the creative possibilities and give them a new life!


How to Make Pinecone Ornaments Using Pistachio Shells




Glue gun

Acrylic paint (brown, white)


Small stick

few decorations like ribbon, beads, pine needles (optional)



Step 1: You can collect all pistachio shells that are necessary for such ornaments. You will be able to make more pinecone ornaments the greater the number of shells. You'll also need a stick. I cut a skewer to around one and half inches long. Two of these 1.5-inch sticks should be joined using a glue gun.


Step 2: Apply glue at the end of the stick. Next, pick a pistachio shell and secure it with the glue. After it dries, wet another side and stick another shell with glue. Simply repeat with the circles and use glue so that the all the shells can attach around the stick. Simply use brown acrylic paint to render it as a pinecone when you are done creating it.

Step 3: And now we are off for some fun! You can decorate the homemade pinecone with ribbons, beads and pine needles. Lastly, ensure you put on top a strand of jute for hanging it on the Christmas tree. And there you have it! You are done with your DIY pinecone from a pistachio shell. Put it up anywhere where you may wish to have it such as on Christmas tree, door or even as centerpiece in your living room. Do however make a few of them. Simply ensure that there are more than one!


Pistachio shells are awesome for crafts and can be used in many ways. These shells are sturdy, making them perfect for simple crafts. You can create cool DIY projects for the holidays that you might not have thought of using these shells for. Their natural tan color is a big reason to make something special with them. Get ready to make fun crafts with pistachio shells.


How to Make Pinecone Ornaments Using Pistachio Shells