13 Easy Christmas Ideas Using Pool Noodles: Transform Your Christmas Decorations On A Budget!


It's that magical time of year when decorations are being hung and Christmas festivities are in full swing. But for those on a budget, getting creative with homemade holiday decorations can be intimidating! That's why we've compiled this list of 13 Easy Christmas Ideas Using Pool Noodles: Transform Your Christmas Decorations On A Budget!     

We understand how important it is to stick within a reasonable budget while making your home festive for the holidays, so all these ideas use affordable materials – pool noodles! From wreaths, reindeer, lollipops, and more - you'll find plenty of inspiration here to impress family and friends without spending too much.

Get creative with our simple yet unique DIY ideas using pool noodles as the perfect material for any kind of decoration. So let's get started!


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Using Pool Noodles to Create Budget-Friendly Christmas Decorations

Creating budget-friendly decorations is easy when pool noodles are involved! They can be used to make dozens of festive pieces that cost next to nothing. From a jumbo wreath and candy canes to lollipops and Christmas donut trinkets, this flexible product can make your holiday decorations fun and playful in many creative ways.    

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Craft stores make it easy for DIYers on a budget by offering a variety of colors and sizes in the noodle section -- something for everyone! Along with basic wreaths, you can use noodles to craft ornamented banisters along stair railings, an elf ladder, faux wood fire logs for cozy nights near the fireplace, giant foam candy canes, upcycled wall hangings from old tire rings, and more.    

You'll be sure to find over 50 unique ideas online while researching how best to use your pool noodles to create simple yet impressive decorations made with love; just add some Christmas lights and glue as you go! With these amazing craft possibilities at hand, give yourself permission -- courtesy of those friendly little aquatic friends called "pool noodles" –to transform your decorations on a budget this year!    

The versatility of pool noodles for Christmas decorations

You can use pool noodles of different shapes and sizes to make awesome pool noodle Christmas decorations, like big wreaths or small candy canes. There are plenty of festive ways to transform your home using these innovative items!    

Jumbo Wreath


Festive decor doesn't have to cost a fortune - you can make your own stylish and festive decor with items from around the house, like noodles! Did you know you can use pool noodles to create an oversized Christmas wreath? It's a great way to save money on holiday decorations while getting creative. The best part is that all it takes is a few supplies - four pool noodles, some duct or packing tape, garlands, , a large bow, and some floral decorations.    

To get started creating your jumbo wreath decoration first cut the ends off of each pool noodle so that they are flat on both sides. Join two pairs together side-by-side with duct tape in order to form a circle shape resembling the outer ring of your wreath. Wrap those together several times securely for stability and then join the remaining two pieces, overlapping them slightly over the edge so there are no gaps where  will fall through when added later.    

Candy Cane


Pool noodles may not be the first material that comes to mind when it comes to holiday decor, but they can add a unique twist to your holiday decorating. Create budget-friendly candy canes using just some pool noodles, duct tape, and a wire!     


These festive elements are a great way to bring fun and holiday cheer into any room without breaking the bank. Hanging  from string, also produced via pool noodles, is another use for this affordably priced—yet durable building material, making it as versatile as ever!    



Decorating for Christmas doesn't have to be expensive or difficult. With a few materials and a little creativity, you can make budget-friendly and creative holiday adornments using pool noodles! Pool noodles and lollipops are an easy, unique way to spruce up your holiday decor on a tight budget.    

To create these festive decorations, you'll need colored tape, a PVC pipe, a hot glue gun, plastic wrap, and ribbon – all of which can be found at your local craft store for no more than $5 total! You'll use the PVC pipe as the handle of the lollipop, secured with hot glue or duct tape.    

Wrap the swim noodle around it in spirals so that it resembles traditional red and white "candy cane" stripes. Next, use plastic wrap to secure decorative elements such as pieces of ribbon or glittery decorations over the candy stripes for some extra embellishment – there's really no limit when it comes to what you choose to put onto this colorful creation! These pool noodle lollipops are perfect both indoors and outside - hang them from trees in your yard like tinsel, or set them atop outdoor furniture for added charm! With many different colors available in pool noodles, plus endless embellishment options by way of ribbons & plastic wraps –the possibilities truly seem endless!    

Christmas Donut Ornament

DIY Christmas Donut Ornaments - Using Pool Noodles

Creating a festive, budget-friendly Christmas ornament does not have to be difficult! Make a fun Christmas ornament with pool noodles from Dollar Tree, and it can easily be tailored to fit your holiday theme.    

To start, you'll need two one-inch foam pool noodles in contrasting colors for the glaze of the donuts. Cut a pool noodle into four equal pieces to make eight 2 1/4-inch circles. You'll also need some basic supplies like gorilla glue, glitter, sequins, or other decorations of your choice.    

Glue the cut noodle pieces together in pairs so they look like round donuts, then add any materials you prefer to create a unique texture before adding additional decorative elements like ribbons around the middle.    

DIY Pool Noodle Garland



Adding a DIY pool noodle garland to your holiday setup is an easy and budget-friendly way to transform your decorations. You can make personalized garlands for any place using pool noodles available in various colors and sizes.    

When designing your garland, consider color coordination with the rest of your decorations and use embellishments such as , fine needle leaves, faux flowers, etc., to add some winter charm. With a little creativity, you can make a beautiful statement piece without breaking the bank!    



reindeers made out of pool noodles. Using a wood reindeer face and glueing it onto a pool noodle to use for outdoor decor.

Pool noodles can be shaped and decorated into the cutest reindeer decorations for a festive Christmas look! You just need to shape your pool noodle into a curved antler-like form. To create an adorable nose, you can glue on googly eyes or simply draw one with a marker.    

Crafty individuals can even add pom poms for their noses and tiny bells around their necks -- adding more character to your joyful decor! Whether you're just starting out with Do-It-Yourself or looking for more budget-friendly decorating ideas this holiday season, using pool noodles as simple alternatives is the way to go.    

Be sure to take advantage of the many DIY tools available today, such as pool noodle garbage cans, boxes, jumbo wreaths, etc., that will surely bring life to your holiday home decor!    

Christmas Candle


Looking for a creative and budget-friendly way to decorate your home this Christmas? Look no further than the humble pool noodle! Pool noodles are incredibly versatile when it comes to creating decorations for any season, particularly around Christmastime.    

It's easy to make festive candles by cutting precut lengths of pool noodles into different sizes and then adding decorative ribbons and lights. With eye-catching effects without the worry of an open flame, these flameless candles will put a warm glow on any mantle or side table this Christmas season.    

To take things up a notch, you can also use foam board in various shapes — like starburst — cutouts along with mini motion LED tea lights or battery-operated tealights to create additional bursts of light around the room.    

Christmas Elf


Christmas can be a fun and festive time, but decorations often come with hefty price tags. Making your own Christmas elves with pool noodles is a budget-friendly and creative DIY project for adding festive touches without spending too much money. Pool noodles may not seem like they could be part of your holiday decorating, but their flexibility makes them perfect for creating figures such as elves, reindeer, and Santa Claus.    

Creating elf decorations out of pool noodles is simple yet stylish. Start by cutting four sections from the noodle in varying lengths – the longer pieces will make up his body, while shorter pieces become legs or arms. Stretch each section until it's pliable enough to form curves that capture a stooping elf figure. Connect each piece end-to-end using thin wire (amazon carries this) and secure it together with tape before adding features like small buttons on his front torso for eyes and big wooden beads used as shoes or hat accents cut from sturdy fabrics.    

Stick Horse


Creating a stick horse out of pool noodles is an accessible and budget-friendly way to add some creativity to your seasonal setup. All you need tools including twine or rope, felt, large wiggly eyes, and a low-temperature glue gun and glue.    

To get started, you will begin by cutting the foam cylinder in half down the center lengthwise, then cutting two long strips from one end that resembles ears. Add holes at each end for attaching the rope or twine with an awl, leaving room for play. Then secure it with glue, scissors, and a hammer if needed, then attach the eyes using adhesive glue as well as any other embellishments you would like, such as antlers made from foam sheets or yarn.    


Christmas Tree


Pool noodles are an excellent option for budget-friendly Christmas decorations! One of my favorite projects is to make a unique Christmas tree out of them that can add some fun, festive cheer to your home or office.    

To create this project, you will need several thick pool noodles, some hola hops, and Christmas lights for decoration. Start by arranging the sections of noodles together in a triangle shape, forming the 'tree' frame.    

Secure each piece of noodle firmly with hula hoops and tie them with small knots using ribbon or string until you have formed your desired size and shape for your Christmas tree. Once blocked out, you can start adding decorative elements, such as Christmas lights and other materials around the outside, to give it more texture and sparkle.      


Lawn candles


Creating foam board lawn candles is a simple and budget-friendly way to add some cheer to your yard this holiday season! All you need are some pool noodles, craft foam sheets in festive colors, scissors, a hot glue gun, ribbons, and decorations of your choice.    

Start by wrapping the pool noodles around themselves so that they look like a tube and secure them with ribbon or tape. Cut out desired shapes from craft foam sheets, such as stars or bells, using scissors.    

Hot glue the decorative pieces onto the pool noodle surface area as desired. Use strings of lights within the noodle "tube" for an added glow effect if desired. Now tie a ribbon around each end of the tube and hang it up on tree branches or anywhere else outdoors where bright decorations will be seen - voila! Your Christmas decorations just came alive with foam board lawn candles made from pool noodles! Not only are they easy to make but also quite affordable – perfect for those on a tight budget looking for creative holiday projects!    


<a href="" target="blank"> Tree Candy </a>

Creating unique hanging  for Christmas decorations doesn't have to cost a fortune. Pool noodles are an easy and budget-friendly way to transform your decor into something special! The versatility of pool noodles makes them perfect for creating festive  that will brighten up any space.    

There is no limit when it comes to the types of creations you can come up with — from whimsical snowflakes to jolly Santa Clauses, you're only limited by your imagination. To get started, determine which colors and sizes work best for each ornament design.    

Cut the noodle pieces accordingly in order to create various shapes: round circles, starbursts, triangles, etc.; use smaller cutouts combined with colorful paint and string lights that twinkle throughout your Christmas tree.    

Faux Wood Fire Logs


Creating faux wood fire logs using pool noodles for Christmas decorations is a DIY project idea that can turn your festive decorations into something even more special. To make these makeshift logs, you'll need foam noodles, paint, craft paper, and Mod Podge.    

Start by cutting the noodles into individual rings of the desired size - if they're too big or too small when compared to real logs, then it won't look realistic. Once you cut enough pieces to form one log, begin painting them with brown acrylic paint. While still wet on the surface, add strips of craft paper over each piece in a spiral pattern until they are all covered - this gives an incredible texture and color overall! Use Mod Podge to make the paper strips stick.    

When finished gluing together, all your pieces should form a single "log" with a nice bark-like texture thanks to your applied craft paper textures! These faux birch logs provide huge versatility as far as decorations go – they can be used around trees or placed inside larger wreaths for extra flair! They also work great indoors as fireplace décor during Christmas time (maybe even Santa stops!).    


What are pool noodles? 

Pool noodles are long foam cylinders, commonly used for flotation devices in swimming pools - but which can also be reused to create creative Christmas decorations on a budget!    


How can I use pool noodles for my Christmas decorations?

 Pool noodles can be cut and shaped to make unique wreaths, festive garlands, colorful snowmen , and even candy-cane poles – plus many more ideas that add holiday cheer without breaking the bank.  

Do I need any special tools to shape the pool noodle?

Yes! A sharp craft knife is recommended when working with pool noodles, as scissors or regular knives may not provide a clean enough cut.         


Can these DIY projects easily be stored away after Christmas has passed?   

Yes! Since they have such simple construction, you can usually re-roll them up until next year's holiday season arrives– making them an ideal way to save money on annual decorating expenses!  


Pool noodles are a versatile and cost-efficient way to create unique Christmas decorations. They can be used to make a variety of festive seasonal elements, such as huge wreaths, jumbo candy canes, reindeer, , garlands, and candles — all for just a couple of dollars! When upcycled pool noodles are used in crafts, they bring sustainability and creativity into the process, too.

With dozens of ideas available online, it's never been easier to transform your decorations on a budget this holiday season. So grab some pool noodles and get crafting with these creative Christmas decoration ideas!