19 Creative and Budget-Friendly Christmas Ideas with Toilet Paper Rolls


If you're looking for budget-friendly, creative ideas on what to do with the toilet paper roll at Christmas time, read on. If you're looking to add a special touch to the holiday season without spending too much, crafting Christmas crafts is for you. I've been in the same place, making my own DIY Christmas crafts and struggling with it like you are now. So well, I've been at the same place too, making my own DIY Christmas crafts and struggling with it like you are now. 

I wonder if you know that toilet paper rolls can be used to make attractive Christmas decorations?  It only takes just little imagination and some common means, plus a toilet roll which turns this Christmas into one of your own style. But you can use those cardboard tubes to make colorful ornaments, wreaths and advent calendars and much more. This is a great, easy and convenient way to decorate your home for the holidays. 


They are really easy to get along with as well. Just get some scissors, paint and glue (throw in a teensy bit of glitter if you wish), and you're ready to craft. I especially like to use these paper rolls for crafts because it I don't have to spend much money on craft supplies unlike most art supplies.

Cut them into snowflake- and bell-shaped pieces. They look awesome hanging from your tree. And making things such as a cutesy snowman or merry reindeer adds so much pleasure to decoration time. But these are not just thrifty – they’re also good for the planet because we're reusing stuff that would generally just be thrown in the garbage. So why use them for Christmas? In this blog I'll let you in on some 19 creative and budget-friendly Christmas Ideas you can make from toilet paper rolls. So grab your creative hats and get crafting. Let's see what we can make with these Christmas toilet paper rolls.

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Benefits of using them for Christmas


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Creating Christmas decorations with toilet paper rolls is a win-win. It's fun to make neat things, all without spending much money. And you help the Earth by recycling too. And think of those toilet paper tube becoming sparkling ornaments, adorable reindeer decorations that you can hang all over the house.

These work great for making advent calendars, as well. Each day in December is an exciting one, as you open up a little piece of your hand-made calendar. Glue, glitter and paint create special things out of an ordinary paper roll. Kids love getting their hands dirty, and they like to show off decorations they make.

Another cool thing is to see the girl’s face light up when she or he unwraps a gift wrapped in paper made of recycled rolls! Adding to these benefits is that they also help families get together during the holiday season while keeping the kids happy and busy.

19 Creative Christmas Crafts Using Toilet Paper Rolls

Want to get creative? All of these fun and affordable Christmas crafts made from toilet paper rolls are ready to go! From colorful ornaments to snowmen and holiday characters, there’s something for everyone.


Holiday Characters

Fantastic Ideas

Create holiday characters with ease for a joyful and budget-friendly festive activity. A touch of paint, construction paper, and a sprinkle of imagination can transform humble cardboard tubes into beloved Christmas icons like Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, elves, snowmen, and gingerbread people.

These charming figures effortlessly blend into your seasonal décor or can be crafted into delightful handmade gifts for friends and family. The combination of simple materials and creativity will infuse the holiday spirit into your home. Crafting these characters provides limitless possibilities for imaginative play and festive decoration during the Christmas season.
By repurposing everyday items into delightful characters, you not only craft unique decorations but also engage in a fun and eco-friendly activity that brings joy to both children and adults.




Get ready for some festive fun with the Cardboard Roll Nutcracker Craft! Utilize toilet paper rolls, or wrapping paper rolls to fashion these delightful characters. Add pops of color, create expressive faces, and embellish with buttons, gems, and yarn for that perfect finishing touch. The end result? A charming set of nutcrackers ready to grace your mantel, windowsill, or Christmas tree. 

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Bee Wreath


We’ll make a bee wreath out of toilet paper rolls. Collect your empty rolls and flatten them. You will need to cut the flattened tubes into equal circles. Stick these circles together edge-to-edge and you'll have a cool honeycomb look. Stir in some paint or glitter for extra shine.

Once you've got your honeycomb shape, just add a ribbon for hanging and perhaps some festive decorations like tiny pinecones, holly leaves or bees made out of cardboard . It's great fun to turn plain things into something pretty for great Christmas. And now, pop with joy as we get into making confetti poppers.

Confetti Poppers


Playing with poppers made of toilet paper rolls is a lot of fun. All you need are empty rolls, colorful paper and a balloon. Cut off the base of the balloon and stretch it over one end of the roll. Next, stuff the other side with self-made confetti--pieces of colored paper work fine. When using a popper, pull down on the balloon knot and release. Pow! Confetti flies everywhere!

These are poppers that would be ideal for Christmas parties or sounding when the clock strikes twelve on New Year's Eve. In addition, they’re environmentally friendly since you're reusing materials already in the home. Your friends and family will just love exploding them and see all those colors strewn everywhere! It’s a great way to remember the holiday, and they can be made from almost nothing.

Advent Calendar


Creating an advent calendar is a fantastic way to add excitement and anticipation to the holiday season. By simply cutting the rolls into equal-sized segments, we can fashion them into individual compartments for each day leading up to Christmas.


Decorating these little containers with festive colors, patterns, and numbers provides a fun activity for kids while also building up the festive cheer as they eagerly count down the days until Christmas morning.


These DIY advent calendars are not only an enjoyable and creative project but also a budget-friendly option that adds a personal touch to your holiday decorations. Plus, it's a perfect opportunity to involve the whole family in crafting together during this special time of year.

Festive Ornaments


With a little creativity, those cardboard tubes can transform into jolly snowmen, twinkling stars, or dainty bells. By adding paint, glitter, or colorful paper, we can give these humble cardboard tube crafts an enchanting holiday makeover. These DIY Christmas ornaments are not only budget-friendly but also a delightful way to add a personal touch to our Christmas decor.

Decorative Gift Tags

Our Shabby Cottage

Decorative gift tags can make your gifts stand out and add a thoughtful touch. Make use of these easy toilet paper roll crafts to enhance your gift-wrapping skills. By cutting the rolls into different shapes and decorating them with paint, glitter, or colorful paper, you can craft adorable snowflakes, stars, or festive bells to adorn your presents. Not only does it add creativity and charm to your gifts, but it's also an eco-friendly and budget-friendly option for adding a special touch to your holiday presents. 



You can transform these humble cardboard tubes into beautiful and unique wreaths by cutting them into different lengths, painting them in vibrant holiday colors, and arranging them in a circular pattern. Add glitter, ribbons, or artificial berries for an extra decorative flair. 



By cutting and shaping this cardboard tube, you can easily make unique snowflake designs that bring the magic of winter indoors. With some paint, glitter, or colored paper, you can customize these snowflakes to fit your holiday color scheme and style. Whether you hang them on the tree, use them as window decorations, or incorporate them into festive table settings, these DIY snowflakes will surely add an enchanting flair to your holiday ambiance while also being an eco-friendly option for crafting.

Santa and Reindeer Decorations

The Crafty Mom

You can craft jolly toilet paper roll santa with fluffy cotton ball beards and red-painted suits or endearing reindeer complete with antlers and a shiny red nose using just a few basic supplies. Engage in this festive DIY project that’s perfect for both kids and adults, adding a personal touch to your holiday decor while repurposing materials in an eco-friendly manner. Let’s get started on spreading cheer with these delightful Santa and Reindeer decorations, making them ideal Christmas crafts for kids.

The Grinch


I love the idea of making the Grinch for Christmas. It's a fun and budget-friendly way to add some festive cheer to your home decor. By getting creative with paint, googly eyes, and colorful paper, you can turn simple cardboard tubes into adorable elf accessories.

Nativity Scenes


By repurposing these cardboard tubes, you can craft the figures of baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the other significant characters. You can make your nativity scene more vibrant by painting it with bright colors and adding details like fabric scraps or yarn.


Crafting nativity scenes from paper rolls provides an opportunity for families and individuals to come together and commemorate the spirit of Christmas in a unique manner. This activity also allows you to share the story of Christmas with children in a hands-on way while embracing sustainability through reusing common household items.


Christmas Tree


Crafting a sustainable Christmas tree out of toilet paper rolls is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to add holiday cheer to your home. By cutting and stacking toilet paper rolls, you can create a beautiful tree shape that makes for a distinctive festive decoration. This DIY project reduces waste and provides a fun activity for everyone, making the holidays more sustainable. 

Gingerbread Houses


As we move from crafting Nativity scenes to building gingerbread houses, the festive spirit continues. These can serve as delightful table centerpieces or fun ornaments for your Christmas tree, creating a charming Christmas village ambiance.


Gingerbread houses made from recycled materials give a cozy and eco-friendly touch to your decor. With some simple supplies like paints, colored paper. Transform cardboard tubes into cute gingerbread houses with creativity and capture the spirit of the season.

Christmas Lights


For upcycled decorations, I'm thrilled to share that toilet paper rolls can be transformed into stunning Christmas lights. All you have to do is cut the rolls into circles of the same size, then glue them onto your scrap paper. You can paint them in different colors to resemble Christmas lights. After that, glue the twine onto folded squares to give the appearance of wires.

These upcycled decorations not only add a personal touch to your Christmas decor but also contribute to sustainability by repurposing everyday items


DIY Pillow Box


This DIY is by far the best and easiest way to recycle tissue rolls for a Christmas idea. Anyone can do it, and kids will surely enjoy doing it and making it even more fun. It's best to put some treats inside. You can embellish it with colorful wrapping paper, dried flowers, or wrap it with ribbon or natural-colored yarn. Add some embellishments on top to make it look perfect for Christmas.




Snowmen are a classic Christmas craft that can be easily made using these paper rolls. You can paint the rolls white and then stack them to create the snowman's body. Use colored paper or markers to add eyes, a carrot nose, and buttons for decoration. If you want, you can also cut out a scarf from fabric or paper to wrap around the snowman's neck, making it look extra cozy.




I love making reindeer crafts using toilet paper rolls. They're enjoyable to make and ideal for bringing a festive feel to your holiday decorations. You can easily turn a plain cardboard tube into Rudolph or one of Santa's reindeer by adding some googly eyes, a red pom-pom for the nose, and brown construction paper for antlers. It's a simple yet delightful craft that brings the Christmas spirit alive in your home. Kids will especially enjoy this adorable and budget-friendly activity. Now let's move on to our next creative Christmas craft idea using - “Christmas Trees.”


Green Christmas Trees

Ey to Zee Creative

Making Christmas trees from toilet paper rolls is a fun and eco-friendly craft. Simply stack and decorate the cut cardboard tubes to create charming miniature Christmas trees, perfect for festive table centerpieces or mantle decorations.

These DIY trees can be painted in green hues, adorned with glitter for a sparkling touch, and embellished with tiny ornaments made from recycled materials. With some imagination and a sprinkle of holiday cheer, these upcycled creations add a uniquely personal touch to your seasonal decor.

Tips for Making Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

When making toilet paper roll crafts for Christmas, it's important to gather the necessary supplies and tools before diving in. Follow step-by-step instructions and take safety precautions throughout the crafting process to ensure a fun and successful experience.

Necessary supplies and tools

For these toilet paper roll Christmas crafts, you'll need some basic supplies and tools. Get your hands on some empty toilet paper rolls (you might want to start collecting them) and scissors for cutting the rolls into different shapes using empty toilet paper rolls.

Additionally, gather paints, markers, glue, glitter, and colored paper for decorating the crafts. Lastly, have a ruler or measuring tape handy for precise cutting and crafting.

Engaging in these festive DIY projects made with toilet paper rolls becomes easier when you have all the necessary items ready. With these simple tools and a touch of creativity, you can transform humble toilet paper rolls into delightful Christmas decorations and ornaments that will bring joy to your holiday celebrations.

Step-by-step instructions

For these Christmas crafts, gather your supplies including toilet paper rolls, scissors, glue, paint, and decorative materials. Begin by cutting the toilet paper rolls into various sizes and shapes that suit your craft.

Then follow simple steps like painting them in festive colors or patterns, attaching them together with glue or string as per the specific craft's instructions. Add any extra decorations such as glitter, ribbons or beads to make your creations sparkle for the holiday season! Always remember to let each step dry before moving on to the next one.

Get started on creating unique and budget-friendly Christmas decorations by transforming simple toilet paper rolls into festive ornaments and fun crafts that will delight everyone this holiday season!

Safety precautions

When creating Christmas crafts with toilet paper rolls, it's essential to keep safety in mind. Always supervise children when using scissors or other crafting tools. Make sure the work area is well-lit and organized to prevent accidents.

Additionally, if using paint or glue, ensure proper ventilation and use non-toxic materials suitable for all ages. It's important to store small crafting supplies out of reach of young children to avoid any choking hazards.

Remember that while having fun with DIY projects, safety should always be a top priority for everyone involved in the crafting process. Enjoying the creativity and joy of making Christmas crafts can be even more fulfilling when done safely and responsibly.

Benefits of Making Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Making toilet paper roll crafts encourages creativity and artistic expression while also being an affordable and eco-friendly way to celebrate the holiday season. It's enjoyable for all ages, offering an opportunity to make special decorations and gifts while also cutting down on waste.

Encourages creativity

Crafting with toilet paper rolls encourages creativity in a fun and budget-friendly way. You can transform simple cardboard tubes into Christmas ornaments, wreaths, advent calendars, and other festive decorations. christmas toilet paper roll crafts. With a little paint, glitter, and imagination, you can personalize each creation to match your unique holiday style.

Creating Christmas crafts with cardboard tubes offers an opportunity for kids and adults to explore their artistic talents while repurposing materials that might otherwise go to waste.

Affordable and eco-friendly

Crafting Christmas decorations with toilet paper rolls is a budget-friendly and eco-conscious way to embrace the holiday spirit. Using basic materials such as paint, glitter, or colored paper, you can easily turn these flexible cardboard tubes into delightful ornaments and festive decorations.

Repurposing toilet paper rolls for holiday crafts not only saves money but also encourages sustainability by giving new life to items that would otherwise be discarded. By using these common household items in imaginative ways, we can infuse our homes with the charm of handmade decorations while reducing waste and saving money along the way.

Fun activity for kids and adults

Toilet paper rolls is not only affordable and eco-friendly, but it's also a delightful activity for kids and adults alike. Kids can get creative while making festive ornaments like snowmen, reindeer, and christmas trees using these versatile cardboard tubes. It's a surefire way to ensure that kids will have fun. Plus, adults can enjoy crafting decorative gift tags, wreaths, and even upcycled decorations to add a personal touch to their holiday decor.

The joy of creating something unique together as a family or group of friends is truly special. Whether it's making elf hats with the little ones or designing eco-friendly wrapping paper with friends, the possibilities are endless when it comes to turning humble toilet paper rolls into delightful Christmas crafts.

Crafting with toilet paper rolls for Christmas is a budget-friendly and creative way to celebrate the holiday season. From making festive ornaments to eco-friendly wrapping paper, there are countless DIY possibilities using these simple materials.

What can I make for Christmas using toilet paper rolls?

You can make many creative things for Christmas with toilet paper rolls, like cute ornaments, a fun advent calendar, or a cool Christmas wreath.


Are toilet paper roll crafts easy to do?

Yes! Making Christmas ideas with toilet paper rolls is simple and great for all ages. You just need some glue, paint, and your imagination.


Can I use toilet paper rolls to decorate my tree?

For sure! Turn your toilet paper rolls into fun shapes like angels or reindeer and hang them on your tree as homemade decorations.


Do these crafts cost a lot of money?

Nope! Toilet paper roll Christmas ideas are super budget-friendly because you're reusing something you already have at home.