How To Make A Valentine Burlap Wreath

Picking a Valentine's Day wreath was tough with so many choices! Searching for a simple yet adorable Valentine's Day wreath led me to a gem! I discovered This Southern Girl Can's fantastic and wallet-friendly DIY Burlap Wreath on YouTube.

This heart-shaped beauty not only looks stunning but also seems incredibly easy to craft. The best part? Get everything you need from the Dollar store. I saw this nice wreath and wanted to make one for Valentine's Day. Now, I'm happy to help you make your own pretty wreath with simple steps.


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Materials Needed:

1. Heart-shaped wreath form from Dollar Tree
2. Artificial flowers from Dollar Tree
3. 1 roll of burlap (5.5 inches by 30 feet) from Walmart
4. Floral wire
5. Hot glue
6. Scissors

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Step 1: Prepare the Wreath Form

image: This Southern Girl Can


  • Lay the heart-shaped wreath form on a flat surface.
  • Trim any rough edges from the burlap for a neat start.

Step 2: Attach Burlap to the Wreath Form

image: This Southern Girl Can


  • Cut an 8-inch piece of floral wire and fold it in half.
  • Position the burlap under the wreath form, lifting and folding it over to create a sandwich.
  • Secure the burlap with floral wire, wrapping it around a crossbar on the form.


Step 3: Continue Adding Burlap

image: This Southern Girl Can


  • Move around the wreath form, repeating the process of lifting, folding, and securing the burlap with floral wire.
  • Maintain even edges and a consistent scrunching pattern.

Step 4: Fasten Off the End

image: This Southern Girl Can


  • When the wreath form is covered, cut the burlap and use floral wire to secure the end to the frame, tightening it down.

Step 5: Shape the Wreath

image: This Southern Girl Can


  • Manipulate the burlap to create a heart shape by crushing and pulling at the top and bottom.


Step 6: Add Decorations

image: This Southern Girl Can


  • Use hot glue to attach artificial flowers to the burlap.
  • Experiment with flower placement and consider adding leaves for a more detailed look.

Step 7: Final Touches

  • Trim excess burlap or stray wires. Take a look, like what you made, and fix anything if needed. Now, you've got your special Valentine's Day Burlap Wreath to decorate your home with love. Try it out and enjoy the holiday vibes!