How To Make A Lovely Ferrero Rocher Bouquet

Love chocolates? If you do, you might think the best Valentine's gift is a box of really delicious ones. How about making it even more special by turning those yummy Ferrero Rocher chocolates into a cute bouquet for someone you care about? Today, I've got a super easy tutorial from Buket7ruTV to guide you through creating a beautiful and thoughtful gift. No complicated steps, just simple and fun crafting to spread some love this Valentine's Day!

Now, it's time to begin! Grab your favorite chocolates, come join in, and let's make this Valentine's Day extra sweet for that special someone of yours. Together, we're going to put together a beautiful Ferrero Rocher bouquet that will surely make them smile big.


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1. 17 Ferrero Rocher candies
2. Wires for candy attachment
3. Red organza (75 cm wide)
4. Ribbon for candy wrapping
5. Red corrugated paper
6. Decorative ribbons in red and gold
7. Small beads (5mm diameter)

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How To Make A Lovely Ferrero Rocher Bouquet

Step 1: Candy Prep

image:  Buket7ruTV

Start by attaching each Ferrero Rocher candy to a wire. Use as many candies as you want, depending on how big you want your bouquet.


Step 2: Organza Bow

image:  Buket7ruTV

Cut the organza into 15cm-wide strips. Fold each strip in half, cut the middle, and create a bow by wrapping it around each candy. Secure the organza with a ribbon, creating a lovely bow on each candy.


Step 3: Bouquet Assembly

image:  Buket7ruTV

Arrange the candies in a spiral, securing them with a ribbon and some Scotch tape. Place the first candy a bit higher to make a nice semicircle. Adjust the height and tape it down. Your candy base is good to go!


Step 4: Handle Makeover

image:  Buket7ruTV


Cover the wire handle with red corrugated paper for a tidy look. Make it fancy by taking a piece of organza, folding it, and wrapping it around the handle. Tie it with a ribbon, and now your handle is as sweet as the candies!


Step 5: Organza Magic

image:  Buket7ruTV

Wrap the bouquet with organza, starting with plain red corrugated paper to prevent transparency. Attach the corrugated paper to the wire using hot glue for a secure hold. This creates a lush base for your organza layers.


Step 6: Organza Layers

image:  Buket7ruTV

Apply hot glue to the organza tip and attach it inside the bouquet. Make your bouquet look extra nice by folding and gluing the organza in a circle. Do this twice to give your bouquet more fullness.


Step 7: Ribbons and Beads

image:  Buket7ruTV


Make it even fancier by putting colorful ribbons between the candies. Use a stapler to attach loops of red and gold ribbons for a festive touch. Stick small beads along the edges where you put the organza to make it look extra fancy.


Step 8: Tie a Sweet Bow

image:  Buket7ruTV

Finish off your awesome creation by tying a bow with red and gold ribbons. Make a few loops of each color, let them hang nicely, tie the bow tight, and you're all done!



There you have it! You've successfully crafted your very own stunning Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Bouquet with Organza. Imagine the joy it'll bring to your special someone when they receive your handmade creation this Valentine's Day. With just a bit of effort, you've created something that will surely make your loved ones happy. So, share the love, spread the sweetness, and have a wonderful Valentine's Day!