DIY Valentines Day Table Centerpiece

One day, I thought it would be fun to make our home look all lovey-dovey for Valentine's Day. So, I hopped on YouTube and found this awesome DIY idea by The Harts DIY. It's all about creating a cute Valentine's decoration using simple things, like stuff you can grab from the Dollar Tree. I decided to give it a try by following the steps in the video. Guess what? It turned out really nice – our home suddenly felt so cozy and filled with love.

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Check out the video below and maybe give it a try yourself! It's not complicated at all, and you don't need anything fancy. Just a bit of crafting fun to make your place extra special for Valentine's Day!    


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➤ Glass hearts    
➤ Wine glass (x2)    
➤ Valentines LED String Lights    
➤ Painting tape    
➤ Acrylic paint    
➤ Square candle holder mirror    
➤ Tumbling tower (jenga blocks)    
➤ Hot glue gun    

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Step 1:

image: The Harts DIY


Pour a rubbing alcohol on the tissue or clean napkin, then clean all the glass with it.   Using a tape, join the three rows together then cut a heart shape. then paste the cut heart shape on the wine glass.    

Step 2:

image: The Harts DIY


Now, pour a small amount of red and pink paint onto your palette. Using the pencil's eraser, dip it into the red paint and gently dab it around the heart shape that you've attached to the glass. Next, take a smaller paintbrush, dip it into the pink paint, and carefully dab it in the areas where you applied the red paint for a contrasting effect. Finally, carefully remove the heart-shaped tape.



Step 3:   

image: The Harts DIY


Use the glue gun to attach the heart stones, ensuring you apply just the right amount, inside the wine glass. Then, affix that wine glass to another one. Make sure that one wine glass is already upside down and glued to the mirror, so you can secure it in place.


Step 4:

image: The Harts DIY


Next, glue the heart stones onto the surface gradually, creating a waterfall-like effect. Then, employ the small wood blocks to craft the legs for the mirror stand. Cover the wood blocks with rhinestone mesh. Finally, adorn the wine glasses with fairy lights to add a romantic touch to your finished product. Your creation is now ready for Valentine's Day!



I hope you enjoy this DIY project for the upcoming Valentine's Day, and you won't have to spend a lot of money. Being able to customize your own decorations can be truly impressive, especially if you can reuse them in the following years.