How to Make Amazing Giant Dandelions from Plastic Bottles: A Fun DIY Guide

Ever thought about dandelions? They're pretty cool in your yard. But have you ever thought about making your own, not just regular ones, but big ones? I was watching YouTube and found this awesome DIY tutorial that got me thinking, "How'd they do that?" The "Family Handmade" channel made this huge DIY dandelion flower, and guess what? They made it from recycled plastic bottles! Can you believe it? I showed you how to make these awesome outdoor garden art decorations in this blog post.
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Materials Needed to Make Dandelion Flowers Using Plastic Bottles:

  • Foam balls (6 cm diameter)
  • Stems (cut from metal supports or similar)
  • Green plastic bags (for sepals)
  • White plastic bottles
  • Wires (floristic wire or similar)
  • Adhesive (polymer glue)
  • Yellow spray paint or yellow tape (optional)
  • Green tape or border tape (optional)
  • Plastic or metal support for stability


Crafting Process - Version 1:

image: Family Handmade

1. Prepare a foam ball and stem. Cut a hole in the foam ball for the stem and secure it with adhesive. Paint both green if needed.


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image: Family Handmade

 2. Create sepals using green plastic bags. Iron the bags between baking paper, cut out rectangles, and attach them to the stem below the foam ball using hot glue.

image: Family Handmade

3. Cut the white plastic bottle into rectangles, leaving the central part intact. Cut fringes along both sides, leaving a few millimeters uncut at the center. Prepare wires for each rectangle.

image: Family Handmade

4. To create a fluffy appearance, twist each plastic rectangle into a tube, secure it with a wire, and bend the fringes outward.

image: Family Handmade

5. Attach the fluffs to the foam ball using adhesive, spacing them evenly and ensuring they are securely attached.

Crafting Process - Version 2:

image: Family Handmade

1. Prepare transparent plastic bottles by cutting them into strips, leaving the central part intact. Paint them yellow or cover them with yellow tape.

image: Family Handmade

2. Assemble the strips into a dandelion shape, securing them with adhesive or tape. Trim the edges as needed.

image: Family Handmade

3. Cut a green plastic bottle to create a receptacle for the dandelion. Insert the dandelion and secure it with wires and adhesive.

image: Family Handmade

4. Optionally, cut an EVA foam into a leaf shape and attach it to the lower part of the dandelion for a more realistic look.

5. Once assembled, add any final touches and secure them for outdoor display. Use plastic clamps, screws, and supports to ensure they can withstand outdoor conditions.

Now that you know the trick to making giant dandelions, why not try? Get creative and have fun sprucing up your outdoor space with these cool creations. Your friends may ask you for crafting tips next! Thanks for reading, and happy crafting! Remember to share your creations with us and spread the DIY joy!


Do not forget to drop by to Family Handmade youtube channel for more ideas like this: