50 Fun DIY Crafts for Kids: Paper Crafts, STEM Projects, and More!


As a mom who's always on the lookout for fun and creative ways to keep my kids entertained, I can’t tell you how much I love DIY crafts. They’re not just great for keeping the little ones busy, but they also help them learn new skills and express their creativity. I’ve tried so many different craft projects with my kids, and we’ve had a blast with each one. From using everyday household items to exploring the wonders of nature, these crafts have brought us so much joy and wonderful memories. I’m excited to share some of our favorite DIY craft ideas that I think you and your kids will absolutely love!


What age range are these crafts suitable for?

These crafts are great for kids of all ages, typically from preschoolers to pre-teens (ages 3-12). Younger kids might need some help with cutting and assembling, while older kids can handle more complex projects.

How can I ensure the safety of my child during crafting activities?

Always supervise kids while they're crafting, especially when they're using scissors, glue, or other potentially dangerous materials. Use non-toxic materials that are safe for kids, and teach them how to handle tools properly and clean up after themselves.

What are the educational benefits of DIY crafts for kids?

DIY crafts help kids develop cognitive skills, like problem-solving and creativity, and improve their fine motor skills. They also encourage kids to express themselves and can help with literacy through activities like storytelling and letter recognition.

How can I make crafting more environmentally friendly?

Use recycled materials like paper rolls, plastic bottles, and cardboard for crafting projects. Teach kids about the importance of recycling and reusing materials to help reduce waste.

Where can I find more craft ideas and inspiration?

Check out online resources, craft books, and local community centers for more ideas. Pinterest and craft blogs are also great places to find new projects and tutorials.

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Craft Ideas Using Household Items

Paper Crafts

Paper crafts are activities where you use paper to make things like origami shapes, handmade cards, or designs with rolled paper strips called quilling. These crafts are fun and help you be creative with paper.

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1. Paper Bag Puppets

DIY Paper Bag Puppets
source: orientaltrading

Make puppets with paper bags, markers, and craft materials. My kids love putting on puppet shows with these!

2. Paper Plate Tambourines

Paper Plate Tambourine craft
source: firstpalette

Decorate paper plates and fill them with jingle bells to create a musical instrument. This craft is always a hit during our little jam sessions.


3. Paper Quilling

Quilling Bee
source: tratatuha

Rolling and shaping colored paper into detailed designs helps improve hand control.


4. Pop-Up Cards

Pop Up Birthday Card | How to Make a Pop Up Card
source: Maison ZiZou

Create cards that pop up when opened using cardstock and decorations. Perfect for birthday cards or just a fun surprise.


5. Paper Mache Animals

Paper Mache Animals: Collection of Animals
source: dltk-kids

Make animals using paper mache techniques, paint, and decorations. We’ve made everything from elephants to dinosaurs!


Recycled Crafts

Recycled crafts for kids involve making new things from materials that have been used before, such as creating art from recycled paper or crafting toys from cardboard. It's a fun and creative way for children to learn about recycling and make something useful or beautiful from everyday items.


6. CD Wind Spinners

2 sun catcher crafts made from old cds
source: happyhooligans

Decorate old CDs with embellishments like beads and buttons, then hang them to spin in the wind. The kids love watching their creations twirl.


7. Tin Can Windsocks

3 tin can windsocks
source: learning Life

Paint and decorate tin cans to make colorful windsocks. Great for a breezy day in the backyard.


8. Plastic Lid Monsters

Plastic Lid Monsters
source: craftsbyamanda

Turn plastic lids into monster faces with paint and googly eyes. A fun way to reuse those lids from jars.


9. Cardboard Tube Binoculars

source: nfamilyclub

Transform toilet paper rolls into binoculars with paint and string. Perfect for backyard adventures.


10. Newspaper Hats

how to make a paper hat
source: skiptomylou

Fold and shape newspaper into fun hats for dress-up play. We’ve made pirate hats, cowboy hats, and more!


11. Cereal Box Guitars

How to make a cereal box guitar
source: kidspot

Turn empty cereal boxes into guitars using rubber bands and cardboard tubes. Ideal for a fun music session at home.


Nature Crafts

Nature crafts involve using materials found in nature, like leaves, sticks, and stones, to create art or decorations. It's a fun and hands-on way for children to explore nature and make beautiful things from what they find outdoors.


12. Twig Picture Frames

Cheap and easy twig frame made with twigs, twine and glitter spray paint
source: theseamanmom

Glue twigs together to create frames for photos or artwork. It's a pleasant way to bring a bit of nature indoors.


13. Nature Collage Board

Nature Collage Boards Forest School Nature Activities for Kids Early Years
source: learning and exploring through play

Use leaves and flowers to make beautiful collages on board. We always collect interesting items during our walks for this.


14. Rock Creatures

rock animals
source: ziggityzoom

Paint and decorate rocks to look like animals, bugs, or fantasy creatures. My kids love creating their own little rock pets.


15. Pressed Flower Bookmarks

Pressed flower bookmark!
source: littlepinelearners

Press flowers between paper and laminate for durable bookmarks. These make great gifts for grandparents!


16. Seed Bombs

Making DIY Seed Bombs
source: Hallmark Channel

Mix clay, soil, and wildflower seeds to make seed bombs for planting. A fun and eco-friendly craft.


17. Nature Scavenger Hunt

source: Cleverdiycrafts

Create a list of items from nature and go on a scavenger hunt in your backyard or local park. Learn about different plants and insects.


Seasonal Crafts

Seasonal crafts for kids involve making crafts that are themed around different times of the year, like spring, summer, fall, and winter. It's a way for children to celebrate the seasons by creating decorations and art that reflect the colors and themes of each season.


Spring Crafts

Spring crafts for kids involve creating colorful art and decorations inspired by the season, like flower crafts and butterfly paintings.


18. Egg Carton Flowers

These Egg Carton Flowers are such a fun and pretty craft to celebrate the spring and summer season using recycled cardboard egg cartons and a few other craft supplies! 
source: madetobeamomma

Paint egg carton sections and attach pipe cleaner stems for flowers. These brighten up any room!


19. Butterfly Symmetry Paintings

Symmetry Butterfly art - finished butterfly symmetry painting pictured with paint on the side
source: simplyfullofdelight

Fold paper in half, paint one side, and press to create symmetrical butterflies. A fun way to explore symmetry.


20. Rainbow Wind Catchers

source: yourfoodstory

Use half-cut paper plates and string colorful paper or fabric to catch the wind outdoors. Ideal for adding some color to your garden.


21. Nature Crowns

DIY Kids Crafts Paper Flower Crown
source: Handmade By Sara Kim

Decorate paper crowns with flowers, leaves, and other natural elements. My kids feel like forest royalty with these.


22. Cherry Blossom Paintings

How to Paint Cherry Blossom / Technique with Cotton Swab / Acrylic Painting  for Beginners / 133

Use cotton swabs to paint cherry blossoms on branches. A simple yet beautiful craft.


Summer Crafts

Crafting during the summer months, kids can enjoy making fun and creative projects inspired by the season, such as beach-themed art, water play activities, and outdoor decorations.


23. Ice Cream Cone Pompom Garland

Ice Cream Yarn Garland
source: growingupgabel

To attach the pom poms, use hot glue inside each cone. Press the pom poms in and secure with yarn. Tie knots at each end of the twine, then hang them for a festive summer decoration at our parties. 


24. Water Bottle Sprinklers

soda bottle sprinkler on grass
source: gluesticksblog

Poke holes in a plastic bottle and attach it to a hose for backyard water fun. Keeps the kids cool and entertained.


25. Sandcastle Sculptures

source: makelifelovely

Mold sandcastle shapes from air-dry clay and decorate with shells. Brings a little bit of the beach to your home.


26. Sun Prints

Making Sun Print Nature Art with Kids - Run Wild My Child
source: runwildmychild

Place objects on light-sensitive paper and let them sit in sunlight to create distinctive prints.


27. Seashell Animals

Sea Shell Crafts Part 1/DIY crafts for Kids/Crab/Turtle/Fishes/Jelly Fish  craft/Marine Animals Craft
source: Nhavi's Activity Hut

Glue shells together to create animals like turtles, fish, or crabs. A great way to use those vacation souvenirs.


28. Tie-Dye T-Shirts

Kids Craft Tie Dye T-Shirt
source: gigglesgalore

Use rubber bands and fabric dye to create vibrant tie-dye patterns on plain white t-shirts. A fun and messy outdoor activity.


Fall Crafts

During the fall season, kids can enjoy creating seasonal art and decorations like leaf rubbings, painting, and harvest-themed crafts.


29. Leaf Rubbings

How to Make Leaf Rubbing Art
source: Jen Goode

Place leaves under paper and rub with crayons to reveal intricate leaf patterns. A classic fall activity.


30. Pinecone Bird Feeders

These pinecone bird feeders are SO PRETTY and they're so easy to make! With just a few simple supplies you can make one in less than 10 minutes! It's a great craft for kids, tweens, teens, adults, seniors and even in the classroom! It's so much fun to watch the birds it brings to the backyard! 
source: onelittleproject

Cover pinecones with peanut butter and birdseed for feathered friends. The kids love watching the birds enjoy their treats.


31. Burlap Apple Banners

Burlap Apple Banner
source: funfamilycrafts

Dip halved apples in paint and press onto burlap to make festive banners. Perfect for fall decor.


32. Acorn People

How to Make Seasonal Acorn People - Handmade Home - Martha Stewart
source: Martha Stewart

Paint acorns and add googly eyes and yarn for whimsical characters. A fun way to use acorns collected during walks.


33. Corn Mosaic Art Using Dyed Popcorn Kernels

Corn Mosaic Art Using Dyed Popcorn Kernels
source: Mary Catherine

Make colorful art with dyed corn kernels in preschool! Glue the kernels onto paper to form vibrant patterns. This is a beautiful and hands-on craft.


34. Recycled Newspaper Kites

Newspaper Kite
source: instructables

Make kites using newspaper, sticks, string, and colorful tape. Perfect for windy days in the park.


Winter Crafts

In the winter, children can have fun making seasonal crafts like snowflake ornaments, cotton ball snowmen, and other holiday-themed decorations.


35. Cotton Ball Snowmen

Cotton Ball Snowman Craft - a perfect winter craft for toddlers, preschoolers and kids in kindergarten
source: easypeasyandfun

Glue cotton balls together to make fluffy snowmen with paper hats. These are always a winter favorite.


36. Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Popsicle Stick Snowflake Craft - Toddler at Play
source: toddleratplay

Arrange painted popsicle sticks into intricate snowflake designs. Great for decorating windows.


37. Sock Snowman

three diy sock snowman with sweaters
source: makelifelovely

Fill a white sock with rice, tie off, and decorate to make a cuddly snowman. Easy and adorable!


38. Frozen Ice Castles

Frozen Ice Castle
source: cleverpatch

Create a magical Frozen Ice Castle by painting and decorating cardboard rolls, then assembling them into a castle structure on a snowy base made with cotton balls. This fun project lets kids get creative with paint, paper, and glitter, resulting in a sparkling winter wonderland to display.


39. Marshmallow Snowflakes

Marshmallow Snowflakes - Sprouting Wild Ones
source: cleverpatch

Thread marshmallows onto toothpicks or skewers to create edible snowflake designs. Fun and tasty!


Educational Crafts

Educational crafts for kids involve engaging activities that help children learn while they create, such as science experiments, STEM projects, and literacy-focused crafts.


STEM Crafts

Crafting with a focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), these activities engage children in hands-on learning through experimentation and creativity.


40. Baking Soda Rockets

Easy baking soda rocket - easy rocket activity for kids using baking soda and vinegar
source: science-sparks

Create an exciting baking soda rocket by using a small bottle, baking soda, and vinegar. Simply tape straws to the bottle for stability, add vinegar, and drop in a baking soda parcel before quickly sealing with a cork. Watch as the chemical reaction launches your rocket high into the air!


41. Robot Hand

Robotic Hand Science Project | Simple Paper Robot Hand for Kids | STEM  Activity
source: Hungry SciANNtist

Create a robotic hand using straws, string, and cardboard for movable fingers. Great for budding engineers.


42. Balloon-Powered Cars

Yapıştırıcı Kullanmadan Balonla Giden Araba Yapımı
source: Mr. Cemil

Build cars from recycled materials and power them with balloons. Teaches basic principles of physics.


43. Solar Oven

How to Make a Simple Cardboard Solar Oven
source: instructables

Build a basic oven using a cardboard box and foil to use solar power. An enjoyable way to explore renewable energy.


44. Crystal Snowflakes

source: muminthemadhouse

Craft sparkling decorations by shaping pipe cleaners into snowflakes, hearts, trees, or spirals. Let them soak overnight in a borax and water solution with food coloring, then dry to see the crystallized results.


Language and Literacy Crafts

Crafts that focus on language and literacy engage children in activities that promote reading, writing, and storytelling skills through creative and interactive projects.


45. Story Stones

Set of 13 illustrated story stones with under the sea theme
source: yellow-door

Paint story prompts on flat stones to inspire storytelling and creativity. These have sparked many imaginative tales in our house.


46. Alphabet Treasure Hunt

source: raisingdragons

Encourage participants to hunt for household items starting with each letter of the alphabet, making it a fun and educational activity. This activity helps children learn letters while exploring their surroundings for objects like apples, books, or cups.


47. Among Us Game Character Bookmarks

among us bookmark
source: redtedart

Craft your own game character bookmarks starting with a basic corner bookmark. Customize them by trimming the edges, adding legs, and crafting unique accessories like backpacks and distinctive hats, making reading sessions more fun and personalized.


48. Sight Word Caterpillar

The Sight Word Caterpillar!
source: schoolingwithgrace

Write sight words on paper circles and link them together like a caterpillar. Makes learning to read fun.


49. DIY RAinbow Rice I Spy Sensory Bottles

I spy sensory bottle
source: themindfultoddler

Craft a DIY I Spy sensory bottle by coloring rice with food dye, baking it to dry, then alternating layers with alphabet scrabble tiles in a clear, securely sealed bottle. This interactive activity engages toddlers and children in discovering hidden items through sensory exploration.


50. DIY Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelet
source: coloradoparent

Craft vibrant DIY friendship bracelets using embroidery floss, ideal for creating and exchanging with friends. Learn the basic weaving technique and explore making stylish bracelets, necklaces, and belts using yarn for larger projects. These bracelets are not only fun to make but also make heartfelt gifts to share with friends, showcasing your creativity and personal style.


These 50 unique DIY craft ideas using household items, nature finds, and seasonal themes offer kids a chance to get creative, learn new skills, and have fun. Whether making paper crafts, exploring STEM concepts, or enhancing literacy skills, these activities provide valuable learning experiences wrapped in a whole lot of fun.