26 Cool Deck Ideas and Designs to Inspire You

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Decks are like outdoor hangout spots, perfect for relaxing or having fun with friends. They're usually made from wood or composite materials, each with its own pros and cons. Wood can look classic but needs more upkeep, while composite is low-maintenance but can cost more. 


There are lots of different decks to choose from, so you'll definitely find one that you like and can afford. Whether you want a cozy place to drink coffee or a big area for summer parties, these deck designs have something for everyone.

If you're thinking about getting a deck or fixing up the one you already have, check out these 26 cool designs to get some ideas!


1. DIY Pallet Deck 

DIY Wooden Pallets Garden Deck Plan | Wood Pallet Furniture
Image from woodpalletsfurniture


2. Platform Deck

Image from lowes


3. Tiered Wood Deck 

Image from thinkwood


3. DIY Backyard Deck with Pergola 

Image from medium


4. Built-In Deck Bench 

Redwood deck with built-in deck bench.
Image from MrHandyman

 5. Circular Floating Deck

Curved Deck
Image from decks

6. Multi-Level Floating Deck

Long Multi Level Deck Courtesy @ladecks Via Instagram
Image from mg_decks


7. Deck with Privacy Screen 

Image from finehomebuilding


8. Deck with Built-In Planters

Image from Pinterest


9. Floating Deck with Lighting

Image from Pinterest


10. Deck with Hammock

Image from Pinterest


11. Floating Deck with Fire Pit

DIY floating deck
Image from catzinthekitchen

12. Deck with Built-In Barbecue Grill

Image from Pinterest


13. Swimming Pool Deck

Image from Pinterest


14. Deck with Retractable Awning

Awning covering patio seating area
Image from goasher


15. Deck with Built-In Bench Swing

Build a porch swing easily with these free DIY plans. Get a list of cuts, supplies, and measurements for the perfect swing and you can start building your own swing this weekend.
Image from simplydesigning


16. Deck with Outdoor Shower

Added the outdoor shower... - Dick's Decks of the Hamptons | Facebook
Image from Dick's Decks of the Hamptons


17. Deck with Shade Sail

Image from Amazon


18. Deck with Built-In Planter Bench

Image from Pinterest



19. Deck with Built-In Hot Tub

Wood deck with hot tub overlooking lush green area
Image from houselogic


20. Deck with Outdoor Movie Screen

Image from Pinterest


21. Deck with Built-In Sandbox

I rebuilt our deck and decided to add a built-in sandbox. : r/pics
Image from Reddit


22. Deck with Built-In Dog Ramp

How To Make Your Deck Safe For Summer Get-Togethers, 44% OFF


23. Deck with Outdoor Bar

Image from Houzz


24. Deck with Slide

play structures - How should I reinforce this slide from my ...
Image from HomeImprovement


25. Deck with Built-In Chess or Checkers Board

Image from newenglandfineliving

26. Deck with Built-In Fish Pond

Image from Pinterest


Now that you have some ideas for your deck, it's time to make them happen! Whether you're doing it yourself or hiring someone, you can create the perfect outdoor space. So, get your tools and start building your dream deck. And don't forget to invite us over for the first barbecue!