25 Creative Summer Paper Crafts for Kids: Fun Projects for All Ages

Kids love getting crafty with paper during summer—it's fun and rewarding! These projects keep them busy and spark their creativity, teaching them how to cut, fold, and stick things together. And when they complete a craft, they feel so proud! Don't forget to have some yummy summer snacks ready while crafting with them—it keeps the creativity flowing without any hunger interruptions!

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Benefits of Paper Crafts for Kids

Engaging kids in paper crafts has several benefits:

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1. Enhances Creativity

Crafting encourages kids to think outside the box and come up with unique ideas.

2. Improves Fine Motor Skills

Cutting, folding, and gluing improve hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

3. Boosts Self-Esteem

Completing a craft project gives children a sense of accomplishment.

4. Provides Educational Value

Many paper crafts integrate learning elements like shapes, colors, and counting.

5. Encourages Quality Time

Crafting together can be a bonding experience for families.


Essential Supplies for Paper Crafts

Before starting any paper craft project, it's essential to gather the right supplies:

1. Paper: Colored paper, construction paper, origami paper, and cardstock.

2. Adhesives: Glue sticks, liquid glue, double-sided tape.

3. Cutting Tools: Safety scissors, craft knives (for older kids with supervision).

4. Drawing Supplies: Markers, crayons, colored pencils.

5. Decorations: Stickers, glitter, sequins, ribbons.

6. Miscellaneous: Rulers, stencils, hole punches.


Fun and Easy Paper Summer Craft Ideas

Here are 25 simple and fun paper craft ideas for kids:


1. Animal Faces

source: jugnu kids

Using paper plates to create faces of different animals.


2. Origami for Kids

  • Basic Shapes
How to Make a Paper Boat (Origami Instructions)
source: EzOrigami

 Teaching simple shapes like boats and hats.

  • Animals
Origami Frog that Jumps - Easy Fun Paper Craft for Kids
source: Crafting Hours

Creating paper animals like frogs, birds, and dogs.


3. Paper Mache Projects

  • Bowls 
Paper Mache Bowls - a Gift for Kids to Make and Give - Happy ...
source: happyhooligans

Making decorative bowls with layered paper and glue.

  • Pinatas
source: girlguides-nswactnt

Crafting pinatas for parties and celebrations.


4. Greeting Cards

  • Birthday Cards
source: thejoysharing

Designing personalized birthday cards.

  • Thank You Cards 
Cute Thank you card | Thank you Greeting Card | DIY White Paper Thank You  Card | Thank you Card
source: bright art and craft

Creating cards to express gratitude.


5. Paper Toys

  • Pinwheels 
Paper Pinwheels Craft for Kids -
source: mynourishedhome

Making pinwheels that spin in the wind.

  • Paper Dolls
Paper doll making tutorial | Paper crafts for kids DIY | Easy origami for  kids | Maison Zizou
source: Maison Zizou

Designing and decorating paper dolls.


6. Decorations

  • Paper Garland 
How to Make a Paper Ball Garland
source: easypeasyandfun

Stringing together paper shapes for festive garlands.

  • Wall Art 
Amazing School Wall Decor Ideas ♥ ♥ - Kids Art & Craft | Facebook
source: Kids Art & Craft

Creating decorative pieces to hang on the wall.


7. Paper Bag Puppets

DIY Paper Bag Puppets
source: orientaltrading

Using paper bags to create puppets with movable parts.


8. Fish Paper Weaving Craft

Colorful Fish Paper Weaving Craft for Kids
source: easypeasyandfun

Introducing kids to basic weaving techniques using strips of paper.


9. Paper Masks

mask making
source: papersave

Designing masks for pretend play or themed parties.


10. Paper Bead Jewelry

Craft ideas for kids: Paper beads
source: DK Books

Rolling paper strips into beads and creating colorful jewelry.


11. Paper Airplanes

How To Make Easy Paper Airplane ✈️ For Kids / Nursery Craft Ideas / Paper  Craft Easy / KIDS crafts
source: Kids Crafts

Teaching kids different designs for paper airplanes and testing their flight.


12. Paper Chain Decorations

paper chain
source: diycandy

Making festive paper chains for celebrations and holidays.


13. Paper Sunflower Collage Art

source: artycraftykids

Creating collages using different types of paper and textures.


14. DIY Paper Monster Bookmarks

diy monster bookmarks
source: onelittleproject

Designing and decorating bookmarks for reading enthusiasts.


15. Paper Puppets

How To Make Paper Puppets Online | JOANN
source: joann
  • Crafting puppets with movable parts for storytelling and plays.


16. Paper Hats

Making Paper Hats with 2nd graders
source: artisbasic

Have some fun making paper hats decorated with stickers and drawings. And why not add a touch of summer with colorful paper flower crowns for the kids to enjoy?


17. Animal Mask

Paper Plate Masks - animal masks for kids to make
source: funcraftskids

Transforming paper plates into wearable masks.


18. Paper Flowers

Tissue Paper Flower Craft for Kids to Make
source: easypeasyandfun

Crafting colorful flowers using tissue paper or crepe paper.


19. Paper Kites

How To Make Paper Kite | Easy Paper Kite Craft
source: Crazy Paper Crafts

Designing and decorating kites for outdoor play on windy days.


20. Paper Rockets

maker monday
source: kidsburgh

Making rockets that can be launched using straws and blowing air.


21. Paper Fruits

Fruit Paper Craft Activity
source: simplelivingcreativelearning

Creating realistic-looking fruits using paper for pretend play.


22. Paper Cars

Paper Car Craft for Kids | Maple Leaf Learning Playhouse
source: Maple Leaf Learning Playhouse

Designing and decorating paper cars with wheels that move.


23. Paper Plate Fish Craft

Cute Paper Plate Fish Craft for Kids to Make
source: easypeasyandfun

Crafting fish shapes and decorating them with rainbow paper scales.


24. Paper Roll Mini City

Paper Roll Mini City - Arts and crafts - Educatall
source: educatall

Creating miniature buildings using paper rolls and cardboard.


25. Brain Paper Puzzle Craft

Brain Paper Puzzle Craft

Designing and cutting out paper puzzles with pictures and shapes.


How can I organize a paper craft session for a group of kids?

To organize a paper craft session:

  1. Choose Age-Appropriate Projects: Select crafts that are suitable for the age group.
  2. Prepare Materials: Have all supplies ready in advance.
  3. Set Up Stations: Create different stations for different projects or steps.
  4. Provide Instructions: Clearly explain each step and demonstrate if necessary.
  5. Supervise and Assist: Move around to help kids and ensure they're following safety guidelines.


What are some eco-friendly paper craft ideas?

Eco-friendly paper crafts include:

  • Recycled Paper Projects: Using old newspapers, magazines, and scrap paper.
  • Nature-Inspired Crafts: Combining paper with natural elements like leaves and flowers.
  • Upcycling: Transforming discarded items into creative crafts.

Can older kids benefit from paper crafts?

Yes, older kids can benefit from more complex paper crafts such as quilling, origami, and paper engineering. These projects can help improve focus, patience, and attention to detail.


How can I encourage my child to be more creative with paper crafts?

Encourage creativity by:

  • Providing a Variety of Supplies: Offer different types of paper, colors, and decorations.
  • Allowing Freedom: Let children come up with their own ideas and designs.
  • Inspiring with Examples: Show finished projects to spark ideas.
  • Praising Effort: Focus on the effort and creativity rather than perfection.


Summer paper crafts are a great way to keep kids happy and busy. There are lots of ideas, from easy ones for little kids to harder ones for older ones. Crafting helps kids be creative and learn new things. So get your stuff, choose something to make, and have fun crafting this summer!