23 Creative and Fun Bottle Cap Projects: Transform Everyday Caps into Art and Decor!


Explore entertaining and straightforward bottle cap projects for all ages! Bottle caps—those small, seemingly insignificant items that we often discard without a second thought—can actually be the foundation for a myriad of creative and useful projects. This collection of 23 ideas shows how to turn small, everyday bottle caps into beautiful and useful items. You can make unique jewelry, special gifts, and eye-catching home decor. Bottle caps are easy to work with and are a great way to recycle.


Use plastic or metal bottle caps to make something fresh and exciting. These crafts not only help the environment but also let you be creative. With these projects, you can see how simple objects like bottle caps can have a second life. Explore these ideas and start creating amazing things with bottle caps!


Here are 23 creative and fun ways to give those little caps a second life, transforming them into art, decor, and practical items.


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Common Materials:


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  • Plastic bottle caps (from water or soda bottles) 
  • Metal bottle caps (from beer or other bottled beverages) 
  • Glue or adhesive suitable for crafts 
  • Paints and brushes for decorating 
  • Magnets, key rings, or other small accessories for embellishments


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Which types of bottle caps can I use for these projects?

Both plastic and metal bottle caps work well for these projects. Plastic bottle caps usually come from water or soda bottles. Metal caps are usually from beer or other bottled drinks.


Are these crafts suitable for children?

Yes, many of these projects are kid-friendly with adult supervision. Crafts like making magnets or decorating coasters can be enjoyable for children as well as adults.


How can I attach bottle caps to surfaces like coasters or frames?

 You can use strong glue or adhesive for most projects. Make sure to let the glue dry completely according to the product's instructions for best results.


Can I personalize these crafts?

Absolutely! You can paint, decorate, or even add initials or designs to make each project unique and personalized.


With these projects, you can see how simple objects like bottle caps can have a second life. Explore these ideas and start creating amazing things with bottle caps!


23 Creative Ideas to Reuse Bottle Caps

1. DIY Bottle Cap Magnets

DIY Bottle Cap Magnets
Source from bottlecapco

Transform bottle caps into charming fridge magnets. Simply glue a small magnet to the back of each cap, and decorate the front with paint, glitter, or small photos.


2. Bottle Cap Table With Poured Resin Surface

Bottle Cap Table With Poured Resin Surface
Source from instructables

Make a one-of-a-kind table by placing bottle caps on the top and covering them with clear resin. This gives the table a shiny, smooth finish that is both durable and stylish, perfect for brightening up any room.


3. Coasters

Best Diy Plastic bottle cap coaster
Source from DIY Projects

Create a unique set of coasters by gluing bottle caps to a cork or wooden base. Arrange the caps in a pattern or spell out words for a personalized touch.


3. Bottle Cap Art

Bottle Cap Art: Flowers image 1
Source from LoveallStudio via Etsy

Use bottle caps to create intricate mosaics or wall art. Collect caps in various colors and arrange them to form flowers, images, patterns, or abstract designs.


4. Jewelry

Source from Pinterest

Make eye-catching earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Drill small holes in the caps and attach jump rings, beads, and chains for a custom piece of jewelry.


5. Candle Holders

Reusing aluminium bottle caps | ecogreenlove
Source from ecogreenlove

Glue bottle caps together to form a stable base for small tea lights or votive candles. Customize them with paint to complement your decor seamlessly.


6. Keychains

Source from everythingbutthemime


Turn bottle caps into quirky keychains. Punch a hole in the cap, insert a key ring, and add decorative elements like beads or charms.


7. Garden Markers

Source from Pinterest

Label your garden plants with bottle cap markers. Write the plant name on the inside of the cap and attach it to a stake or stick.

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8. Game Pieces

This may contain: cupcakes and buttons on a table with plastic bags in the shape of tic - tacs
Source from Pinterest

Create custom game pieces for board games. Paint or draw on the bottle caps to represent different characters or items.


9. Wind Chimes

Bottle Cap Wind Chime
Source from ideas2live4

Craft a whimsical wind chime by stringing bottle caps together with fishing line or wire. Add beads or small bells for extra charm.


10. Drawer Pulls

bottle cap drawer pulls 4
Source from itallstartedwithpaint

Add a unique touch to your furniture by using bottle caps as drawer pulls. Attach a screw through the center of the cap and secure it to the drawer.


11. Birdhouse Decor

Source from Pinterest

Decorate birdhouses with colorful bottle caps. Glue them onto the roof or sides to create a vibrant, weather-resistant exterior.



12. Holiday Ornaments

Source from Etsy

Craft festive holiday ornaments by decorating bottle caps with seasonal colors and images. You can add a chain or a hook so you can hang it up.


13. Picture Frames

Drink up and have a great picture frame! .  Free tutorial with pictures on how to decorate an embellished photo frame in under 60 minutes using glue gun, frame, and bottle tops. Inspired by christmas. How To posted by Rosie Moe. Difficulty: Easy. Cost: Absolutley free. Steps: 1
Source from cutoutandkeep

Adorn a picture frame with bottle caps to add texture and color. Glue the caps around the edges of the frame for a playful, eclectic look.


14. Wall Clock

Bottle Cap Clock
Source from instructables

Construct a wall clock using bottle caps for the numbers. Arrange 12 caps in a circle on a clock face, and install clock hands in the center.


15. Bottle Stopper Curtain

Bottle Stopper Curtain 1 • Accessories
Source from recyclart

Make a fun curtain by threading bottle stoppers together. It's easy to do and adds a cool, decorative touch to any doorway or window.


16. Bottle Cap Mirror

Source from refabdiaries

Create a decorative mirror frame by gluing bottle caps around the edges. This can add a rustic or industrial feel to your decor.


17. Planter Drainage

Source from Pinterest

Place bottle caps at the bottom of planters to improve drainage. This keeps soil from blocking the drainage holes.


18. Bottle Cap Wreath

Source from Pinterest

Create a wreath using bottle caps attached to a foam or wire base. This is a great project for various holidays or seasons.


19. Bottle Cap Chess Set

Final Step: Arranging the Chessmen
Source from instructables

Craft a chess set using bottle caps as the pieces. Paint or label each cap to distinguish between the different chess pieces.


20. Bar Top

Bottle Cap Bar Top
Source from theownerbuildernetwork

Cover a bar top with bottle caps, and seal with a clear resin to create a glossy, durable surface. This adds a playful and customized flair to your home bar.


21. Pet ID Tags

Source from bowdabra

Make personalized pet ID tags. Personalize the cap with your pet's name and your contact details, then secure it to your pet's collar.


22. Bottle Cap Earbuds Holder

DIY - Earphones Holder : 5 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables
Source from instructables

Prevent your earbuds from tangling by winding them around two bottle caps glued back-to-back. This makes for a compact and practical solution.


23. Bottle Cap Garden Stepping Stones

Sunshine Community Garden Austin


Create unique garden stepping stones by embedding bottle caps into concrete. Arrange the caps in patterns or designs for a colorful and personalized garden path.


Bottle caps are more versatile than they seem. With a bit of creativity, you can transform these tiny objects into something beautiful and functional. Next time you open a bottle, think twice before tossing the cap—your next DIY project might just be waiting at your fingertips!