20 Pocket Friendly Dollar Store Diy Garden Makeover

Last week, I went to the dollar store and found a bunch of stuff there. They had everything from basic stuff to craft supplies. As someone who likes doing crafts, I really liked all the colorful ribbons, beads, and things like that. But, of course, if you're working on fixing up your backyard, there are other places you can go to get stuff too. Like hardware stores for wood and gardening tools, or stores that specialize in outdoor stuff. Still, the dollar store can be a good place to find things for DIY projects, especially for making your backyard look nicer.


I was so inspired by my trip to the dollar store that I decided to come up with 20 ideas for making your backyard look better using stuff from the dollar store. These projects are cheap and easy to make, and you can personalize them however you want.

You can make all sorts of things, like cool planters, garden decorations, or even functional stuff like solar lights and wind chimes. And the best part is, you can do it all yourself and make your backyard a place you really like hanging out in.


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1. Succulent Cork Magnets

source: acwfarm

Stick small succulents to wine corks from the Dollar Store and attach magnets to the back. Then, you can display them on your fridge or magnetic board for a charming touch.

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2. Miniature Pond in a Pot

How to make a mini-pond
source: gardenersworld

How about making a pond using a big pot or a container from the Dollar Store? Fill it up with water, some water plants, and little rocks to bring birds and bugs to your garden.


3. Copper Pipe Trellis

source: motherearthnews

Imagine making a trellis using copper pipes and fittings. You can use it to help your plants, like tomatoes or cucumbers, climb up nice and tall. It'll make your garden look stylish and help your plants grow taller.


4. Garden Glove Wreath

source redheadcandecorate

Hang up a wreath made from colorful garden gloves. It'll look great on your garden shed or fence to make it look nice and brighten up your outdoor area.


5. DIY Fairy House


Sure thing! How about making a fairy house with popsicle sticks? Decorate them with flowers, moss, leaves, and little accessories to add some magic to your garden.


6. Painted Rock Garden Markers

source: gardentherapy

How about grabbing some smooth rocks from the Dollar Store and painting them with the names of different herbs or veggies? Then, stick them in your garden to mark where each plant is. Easy peasy way to keep track of what's growing!


7. Soda Bottle Vertical Garden

source: pinterest

How about cutting plastic soda bottles in half, either from the store or ones you've already used, and using them as planters for a vertical garden? Hang them up on a trellis or fence, and fill them with soil and small plants.


8. Tin Can Lanterns

source: thelemongrove

Punch holes in empty tin cans from the Dollar Store to create decorative lanterns. Place tea lights inside and hang them from tree branches or hooks for ambient lighting in your garden.


9. DIY Bug Hotel

DIY Wooden Bug Hotel In Garden
source: gardeningknowhow

Alright, check this out – a Bug Hotel! Yep, you heard it right. Wooden crates filled with twigs, leaves, and pine cones. It's like rolling out the red carpet for our insect pals. With this cozy setup, you'll have all the good bugs buzzing around your garden in no time.


10. Repurposed Drawer Herb Garden


Here's a quirky idea: turn those old drawers into a vertical herb garden! Who needs fancy pots when you can use drawers, right? Fill each one with soil and plant different herbs for your very own convenient and space-saving garden solution. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited to see how this turns out. It's like a DIY project that's actually useful! 


11. Mason Jar Terrariums

How to Build a Mason Jar Terrarium
source: instructables

Let's talk about miniature ecosystems in mason jars. It's like inviting a tiny world into your home. Tiny plants, colorful pebbles, and maybe even a tiny gnome or two all snugly nestled inside a jar. It's quirky, it's fun, and it's a delightful surprise for anyone who sees it


12. Succulent Log Planter

source: Pinterest

Alright, check this out – a Rustic Succulent Log Planter. Yep, you heard that right! It's like saying, "Who needs fancy planters when you can go for something earthy and charming?" Imagine a little log filled with cute succulents sitting on your windowsill or garden table. It's got that rustic charm and brings a touch of nature into your space, giving it a delightful twist you wouldn't expect.


13. DIY Solar Light Flower Pots

Add some height and light to your planters with these easy DIY Solar Light Planters. Get the full tutorial in this post.
source: averageinspired

Let's brighten up your garden game with this idea: Attach solar-powered garden lights to the rim of flower pots from the Dollar Store. Imagine your garden pathways or borders glowing softly at night, creating a magical atmosphere for evening strolls or outdoor gatherings. It's a simple and budget-friendly method to bring character and light to your outdoor area.


14. Vintage Teapot Bird Feedsoer

source: Pinterest

Okay, stay with me here – vintage teapot bird feeders! Hang them from a tree branch or attach them to a wooden stake. It's a quirky twist on the traditional bird feeder that'll add a touch of whimsy to your garden


15. Fairy Garden Tire Swing

Miniature Tire Swing Fairy Garden Fairy House Miniature Garden Gnome Garden Gift Dollhouse Diorama Garden Decor image 2
source: etsy

Ever thought about turning an old bicycle tire into a cute little tire swing for your fairy garden?  Imagine a tiny tire swing, complete with its itty-bitty ropes and a seat made of twine. 


16. Rustic Rope Plant Hangers

Rustic Plant Hangers
source: made.onehourout

Use thick jute rope from the Dollar Store to create rustic plant hangers for hanging baskets or potted plants.


17. DIY Concrete Leaf Stepping Stones

Rhubarb Leaf Stepping Stones
source: instructables

Press big leaves into wet concrete poured into pie tins from the Dollar Store. This makes cool stepping stones that look natural for your garden path.


18. DIY Rain Barrel

source: cleverdiycrafts

Transform a large barrel into a rain barrel by adding a spigot and drainage system. Use collected rainwater to water your garden.


19. Tin Can Wind Chimes

source: craftgossip

Turn empty tin cans into wind chimes by drilling holes around the rim and hanging them with string or wire, decorated with beads or bells for a charming sound.


20. Fairy Light Watering Can Fountain

source: pinterest

Drill holes in the bottom of a metal watering can from the Dollar Store and hang it upside down as a fountain, with fairy lights wrapped around the spout for a magical glow in the evenings.


Take a look at these 20 garden projects from the Dollar Store. They're easy on the wallet and help make your outdoor space look better. Let your mind run free as you experiment with these ideas and watch your garden transform into something even more lovely!